What is personal injury? If you have been harmed in some fashion due to somebody else negligence, perhaps you should consider talking with an injury accident lawyer. Consulting with an injury firm is the first step in receiving the injury lawsuit money which you deserve.

Legally speaking, injury is harm which has been caused you do to someone else negligence. Nothing has as big of an impact on the outcome as a determination of whom was at fault. Fault simply refers to whom must presume legal responsibility for the accident and the resulting injuries or costs. Sometimes, fault is very straightforward and everyone is aware of whom should be held responsible. Other times, however, it is not clear who was at fault or whether anyone did anything that should they should be held responsible for. In these cases, things become more complicated and it’s important to remember just what “fault” actually means.

The concept of fault is derived from the basic premise of most an injury and tort laws, which stipulate that a party is responsible for damages if he breaches a legal duty. To prove an injury or tort (in most cases), there are four things that an injured plaintiff must prove: First, that a duty was owed. Second, that the duty was breached. Third, that the injury of duty resulted in injuries. Fourth, that the injuries are compensable (i.e., that a judgment would compensate for the injuries). If a plaintiff can prove all these things and show the other party did something negligent that led to the injuries, then it is a legitimate personal injury case.

Consulting with an injury lawyer can means the difference between obtaining a successful result in a personal injury case and missing the well-deserved compensation. Of course, it is true that you do not absolutely need to have a lawyer. The law does not require the victim or the defendant in a personal injury case to be represented by an attorney. Both parties are free to represent themselves just since they know and understand the procedures and processes of appearing in court. Of course, it should be remembered that just because a person chooses to represent himself doesn’t mean that the court will be lenient or give that person special treatment.

After considering all that, you may consider seeking legal representation. You should especially consider hiring an injury accident lawyer when your knowledge of the law is not detailed enough for your circumstances, or when the situation turns out to be more complicated than you first expected. You might consider contacting a lawyer if you feel intimidated by the legal representatives of the other party. If you feel your claim is more than you can handle alone, you should seriously consider contacting an attorney. They may be able to help you understand your rights and the claims process.