If you are arrested for a DUI, you will need a good lawyer to help you with your charges. There will be two separate hearings that you will need to attend, one in court and the other at the DMV. You will need to prove to the DMV that you are still capable to drive. If not, then you will risk having your license revoked and your vehicle impounded for at least 6 months. If you regularly use your vehicle to get to work, then this would be quite a problem.

The best thing for you right now is to get a good lawyer to represent you r case. In order to do that, here is a list of things that you should know and consider:

Have a list of attributes for your lawyer:if you do not have a lawyer at the time of your arrest, then looking for one in a limited time can be quite stressful. What you can do is have a list of things that you can ask your lawyer when you meet your prospective defender. Things you can ask about are flat fees, convenient payment plans, free consultation, and lawyer’s experience in these types of cases, can you meet up during the weekends, can the lawyer be contacted via phone or email. Most importantly, ask if the lawyer has trial experience.

Find a lawyer who is familiar with your offense: You need to get a lawyer who practices in your line of offense. Your lawyer needs to know everything there is about the charges brought against you, the court system, the law enforcement officers, the judge and the prosecutors. If your lawyer specializes in these types of cases, the better as they will be more up to date on the laws associated with a DUI arrest.

The Lawyers staff:this might sound weird, but, read on. The staffs are the first line of communication you will have to the lawyer. If the staff treats you with respect, you can be sure that the staffs too are treated with respect by the lawyer. The staff needs to be cooperative and willing to assist you with your case. If they do not treat you with respect, it means they are not treated with respect, and most definitely they will not be doing their best to help a lawyer who is rude to them. This should be a good indicator for you when you are deciding who to hire.

Make sure the lawyer will handle your case:Most of the time, the lawyer will have a team to help him with his case load. Makes sure that the person you hire will be the one who works the case and will represent you in court. Most of the time, you meet the lawyer you want to represent you but someone else will do all the work and defend you in court. If this not what you want, make sure you confirm that your chosen lawyer will represent you in court before signing an agreement.

Another thing that you might want to consider is how this lawyer reacts to you. You need someone you can trust and are comfortable working with. If the lawyer is rude or you do not feel like you would like working with this person, then you can keep searching for another lawyer. Do not feel pressured in making a decision and hiring a lawyer. You need to decide what is best for you, so make sure you choose wisely.