If you are planning on an extended holiday in Australia, but need to also work in the meanwhile something like a 12 month period, consider applying for a working holiday visa. This visa offers the applicant the choice of taking up employment and use the money earned to fund travel requirements. When applying for this visa, you must be 18 years and above and below 30 years and also be living outside Australia, both at the time of visa application and also at the time of receiving it.

Once you get the visa, you can enter the country, at any time during this twelve month period. During the time that is spent in the country, you can take up employment basically any work that you can find and if you continue in that work for a period of three month continuously, you can apply for a second working holiday visa. Once you gain a second Working Holiday Visa, it is possible to return to work for a period of six months with the same employer, with whom you worked in the first Working Holiday visa. The Australian Working Holiday visa, also gives you the opportunity to study which can be done for a period of four months.

You are allowed to take up work with an employer only for a period of six months. This employment period applies to full-time, part-time, and casual and shift work. If you are undertaking any training in the workplace, this is also considered to be ’employment’. This visa allows you to work for independently owned franchises that are located in different parts of the country for up to a period of six month only however, each franchises owner must have different Australian Business Numbers. Any visa holder who works beyond the six month period without prior consent from the Australia visa department are breaching their visa condition and as a result their visa can be canceled.