It is an elusive dream for many people to travel to the US. Every year, a huge number of people visit the US on various visas that are available. The US is said to be the land of dreams as there are many places of visit and enjoy. But traveling to the US is not as easy as going over to Asia or Europe. Just a visit to the US would become possible only with the visitor visa.

B1 Visa and B2 Visa:

The B1 and B2 visas are generally issued simultaneously. B1 visa is used by the travelers for the purpose of business and B2 visa is used by the travelers for the purpose of tourism or pleasure. In cases where you are already holding a B1 visa and there after you wish to travel around the US to visit places, then it is not necessary to go for a fresh visa, the old one will hold good.

The B1 visa is a non immigrant visa and as mentioned, is generally for business related issues.It can be any business related to academics, technical, professional or commerce-related conventions and definite-dated conferences. Further, if a person intends to attend any issues related to property and estates in the US, visitor visa is the right choice. Any bargaining on business deals or consultations in the US can be done with the help of B1 visa.This visa is favorable for any event related to sports or tournaments.

The B2 visa is generally for tourism purposes, is also called the Medical Treatment Visitor Visa or the Vacation Visa, and is another non immigrant visa and is filed if you wish to enter the US for anything related to pleasure or health. Further, it is used by people who would like to visit their family, ones who wish to participate in the social and community activities which are held in the US and also applicable for the dependents of the US armed forces who are assigned duty in the US on a temporary basis and amateur group of entertainers or athletes.

Before the B1 visa and B2 visa are granted, the individual who is applying for visas should be able to prove that he/she has a permanent status in the home country and his visit to the US is only temporary. The following are the general requirements while applying for visitor visas – proof of:

  • the purpose of the trip
  • permanent residence in the home country
  • to show that you have binding ties like property in the home country
  • that you are not engaged in any business activity
  • financial resources so that you have enough funds to meet the expenses during your stay in US.

On entry into the US with a B1 visa or B2 visa, the individual is granted up to 6 months to remain in the US (the maximum allowable is 6 months). As long as the visitor maintains his status, there is a possibility of extending his status up to six months. Generally visitor visas should be applied from the country in which he/she is a resident of by showing the sufficient evidence of social, family or economic ties to his/her country of residence.