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Business Trademarks: What Your Small Business Needs to Know

This article will look at what a business trademark is (and what it isn’t), how

New Zealand’s Membership of the Madrid Protocol Trademark Registration System

After years of deliberation and calls to join the Madrid Protocol for the International Registration

Register a Trademark With a Qualified and Legal Trademark Registration Firm

With the vast number of products and services that are so easily available to consumers

Understanding Trademarks and Their Rights

Trademarks are all around us from the time we wake up in the morning and

What is the Eb5 Investment Visa and Its Requirements?

The United States government recognizes the importance of capital investment for its role in creating



When Everyone’s Right-Where Can We Find the Truth?
Although this question may be a perfect intro for a theological discussion, this article is…
How To Protect What You Create With A Copyright
In the United States there are millions of people every year who create original music,…
Copyright Lessons From an Artist
Ways to Avoid Getting into Copyright Trouble One should always create their own content or…
5 Tips to Determine Who Owns a Copyright
The rights granted through copyright law are very important to the owner of the copyright.…
The Copyright Notice – 6 Reasons it Can Increase Protection of Your Work
To include the notice, or not to include the notice? A common point of confusion…
What is Copyright and When Does a Work Fall Into the Public Domain
Copyright is a legal tool that provides the creator of a work the right to…

Criminal Law

Cyber Law

A Potential of 20 Million Hackers Each Using Technology Worth Barely 500 Dollars Considered
Thankfully, the United States government and the United States military is finally getting serious about…
Overview of the FTC
Internet law is a relatively new field of legal practice: state and federal courts and…
Physicians-Only Social Network?
Do physicians-only online networks really have the potential to drastically change the face of healthcare…
Free Criminal Background Checks Online – How to Run a Free Criminal Background Check Online!
Running a criminal background check is very important in today's society; because it can help…
Design Contracts – Avoiding the Eternal Website Development Problem
If you have a business, you pretty much need to have a website these days.…

Employment Law

What Should I Do If I’ve Been in a Construction Accident?

Whether you're a construction worker or not, you'll want to take certain steps after being…
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Work Injury Solicitors – Improving Health and Safety in the Work Place

Injuries at work are unsurprisingly common in the UK given the amount of time people…
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Disability Accommodation: Do I Have to First Request Accommodation?

Disability Accommodation: The Factual Background. Jane has a manageable disability, but she's been careful not…
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5 Tips for Bringing an Employment Tribunal Claim

If you have been dismissed from your employment, or unfairly dismissed, or your employment has…
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Family Law and Divorce

Family Law and Divorce

Divorce Lawyer: The Training Path And The Main Skills

Family Law and Divorce

Resolve to Divorce Amicably in 2012 and Try Mediation

Family Law and Divorce

How To Win Your Private Law Family Court Case

Family Law and Divorce

How Can A Family Lawyer Help You

Family Law and Divorce

What Makes A Divorce So Complicated?