The United States government recognizes the importance of capital investment for its role in creating employment as well as spurring economic growth. That’s why it has created a program that allows eligible aliens to become citizens by investing their money in the country. This program is called the eb5-investor visa plan. This is the type of visa that enables foreign nationals to acquire a green card and in turn become citizens of the United States. Getting this visa however is not easy as there are regulations and requirements that you will have to fulfill.

Requirements of having the eb-5 visa

For one to qualify for the eb5 investment visa, they must possess at least $1,000,000 that they plan to invest in a commercial enterprise either in the public or private sector. Alternatively if one doesn’t have the requisite one million, possessing a minimum of $500,000 is still acceptable but with conditions. This half a million has to be invested in targeted employment areas like localities with high unemployment rates or rural areas. Regardless of the amount being invested, it is a requirement that 10 jobs are created for American citizens excluding the investors’ family members or dependents. The investment rules also allow for the input of regional groups that manage investment on behalf of proprietors. These third party groups help you to create employment but they charge a fee for their services.

Why you need legal advice during your investment visa application?

Despite the eb-5 investor visa program being a noble idea, it also has challenges such as erroneous application and lengthy adjudication processes that add to the complexities of visa acquisition. However, through partnering with a legal firm or consulting with an attorney your work will be made easy as the counsel offers prime legal assistance and advice. The attorneys will also assist when it comes to filling briefs and documents, negotiating business agreements and contracts, interpreting business and immigration laws and finally representing you in a court of law in case of a legal suit.

Important information that you may need to know

The opportunities presented by the eb-5 investor visa are quite lucrative. However there is important information that you will need to know to increase your chances of success.

Foremost, you will be required to declare your source of income. One must demonstrate that the funds are they are investing are legally acquired and not from unlawful sources. One must also provide documentation to ascertain the source and origin of the investment money. The investor must provide income statements such as profit and loss accounts and tax records that span at least five years. In addition one also has to avail personal income statements that show their income history. It’s important to note that loan money is not acceptable as investment capital especially if the commercial venture is going to act as security. If you have to use loaned money for this purpose, its origin must be traceable and be clean. Last but not least, Investors must also be aware that there is no compensation for failed business.