When it comes to choosing the right conveyancer, it’s best to approach the world of conveyancing the same way you’d approach shark infested waters!

All might seem well on the surface, with a very competitive looking price for the legal service you require, but once you get in deeper you realise there’s all sorts of hidden nasties just waiting to bite you.

We want to help you make a well informed decision when choosing a legal firm you can trust. Here’s 1st Property Lawyers (almost) impartial guide to choosing a conveyancer.

• Deal with a specialist!

Using a property solicitor who also operates general practice means you’ll often be competing for their attention with other cases. Conveyancers who specialise in property law have the experience of recent cases to make sure they can deal with any problems that may arise during your sale or purchase straight away.

• Know who you’re dealing with!

Make sure you are told who is in charge of your specific case, and you have a direct number to reach them on. If you do have any issues, you can speak to the right person immediately.

• Make the most of technology!

You’ll want to know what’s happening with your case all the time, so online case tracking, SMS updates and the ability to email you important documents, as well as posting them, are all things to look out for.

• Insist on a “No move, no legal fee” basis

If for any reason your sale or purchase falls through at the last minute you want to make sure you’re not going to end up paying for legal services you no longer need. Most good conveyancers should provide this so be wary of any property lawyer that doesn’t!

• Get a breakdown of the ALL the costs upfront!

After contacting your chosen conveyancer, and outlining the circumstances of your sale or purchase, the first thing you should receive is a quote detailing the service they provide and the costs. If things aren’t broken down in detail alarm bells should start ringing.

• Make sure they provide a “Fixed Fee”!

Make sure you read the small print. An ‘estimated’ quote could easily double or triple if complications arise during the conveyancing process. Most leading conveyancers will offer a flat, upfront fee for their conveyancing services.

• Choose a conveyancing service that offers convenience!

For most clients taking time off work to visit a lawyer is, quite simply, inconvenient. Some modern conveyancers now offer extended opening hours so that if any query comes up during the working day, you won’t have a sleepless night worrying that you couldn’t get hold of your conveyancer.