A car accident can happen at anytime and it is never anticipated. This means that you may find yourself in shock with no idea of what to do next or who to call. If the accident involved another driver they may encourage you to let them pay for damages and not to contact the police and your insurance company.

No matter what the first thing to do after an accident is call the police. In fact, there is an order in which you should take action after an accident:

1. Call the police –

Alerting authorities to the accident will involve an official report documenting the incident. This will determine who hold responsibility for the car crash which is important when insurance companies and costly repairs are involved.

2. See a doctor –

You may feel great after a car crash, not a bump or bruise on you. Hopefully this is the case and you don’t have any injuries but it’s important to remember that some injuries present themselves after the accident. It can be days before you see signs of the injury and start experiencing symptoms. If you were seen by a doctor right after the accident they can determine that the injury is connected. This is necessary if you are hoping to receive medical compensation for your injuries.

3. Speak with a car accidents attorney –

If you wish to seek compensation for an accident that was caused by a third party, then you need to contact a car accidents lawyer before you call your insurance company. Filing an insurance claim initiates a process to settle the claim as easily and quickly as possible. Hiring an attorney means you want to fight for the highest level of compensation you believe is owed to you.

4. Contact your insurance provider –

Once you’ve spoken with your car accidents attorney it is time to go forward with your insurance claim.

It can be hard to prepare for the worst but you also need to anticipate being involved in a car accident where you may not be able to do these things yourself. In the event that you are injured in an accident and cannot place a phone call immediately it is important to be prepared.

  • Have all vehicle registration and insurance information well organized in your glove box.
  • Include ICE (in case of emergency) contacts within your cell phone. These contacts are who will be called from you cell phone if you’ve been involved in an accident.
  • Make sure your organ donor information is up-to-date and clearly marked on your license.

Being prepared for a car accident can save lives.

After a car accident you may find that you have injuries that require significant medical attention or that make it impossible to perform the duties required of your job. These medical bills and lost wages should not be keeping you up at night. When a car accident is caused by a third party, then you need to trust that they will cover all the expenses associated with the accident.

If you have questions about your legal rights following a car accident contact a car accident lawyer now. An accident can happen when you least expect it so understanding these steps in advance will save you significant stress and worry.