If you were charged with DUI and must appear in court, you may be unaware of the lines of defense that are available to you. As you go through this worrying ordeal, it is important that you are informed of possible legal options that could bolster your defense and help to get those charges dropped or dismissed. Because DUI litigation is so complicated, it is recommended that you seek counsel from skilled, reputable attorneys to ensure that you have the best possible defense strategy when you appear in court.

Types of Independent Witnesses

It is important to know that, even though the prosecution can bring witnesses to testify in your case, you are also able to bring witnesses to testify for you. Before your arrest took place, you could have interacted with numerous people who could testify regarding your state of sobriety when the incident took place. These people could provide valuable testimony to help prove your innocence. These normal, everyday people could be:

  • Bartenders
  • Waiters
  • Passengers in your vehicle at the time
  • Family or friends who came to get you from jail

As the court debates whether you were drunk or not at the time of your DUI issuance, these individuals can testify concerning your level of sobriety. As such, their statements could be powerful and compelling and could help get the charges against you reduced in severity or dismissed altogether. This can be a powerful tool in fighting to preserve your rights and freedoms after you were falsely accused of an alcohol-related crime.

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