There are many different types of employee theft from grand scale corporate embezzlement to stealing cash out of a register. Regardless of the specific instance, the conviction can bring damage to your reputation, finances, and can create a lifetime of difficulty finding work. These effects can be especially devastating because they are often irreversible. Once accused of employee theft, it is difficult to recover both personally and professionally. Your livelihood may be at risk, so taking a proactive move against your charges may be the best way to avoid the full extent of these consequences.

If you are worried that you may be accused of this crime or if you have already been charged, seek out legal representation or consultation sooner rather than later, in order to increase the likelihood of avoiding these consequences.

Employee theft encompasses many kinds of loss for an employer. They specifically include but not limited to: embezzlement of corporate funds for personal gain, discounting prices for friends and family, theft of information, theft of raw materials, and monetary theft. Incarceration, fines, and other consequences are common punishments for a conviction of one of these charges.

If you have been wrongly accused of employee theft, you have the right to defend yourself despite severity of the situation. No matter the amount in question, employee theft is a serious allegation, and your professional life and personal reputation may be on the line.

The sooner you take action against the charges you face, the more likely it is to avoid some or all of these damages. Being convicted of a crime such as employee theft can be a difficult situation to recover from. You deserve the right to an experienced attorney that can help you through this challenging time and explain your legal rights.

If you have been accused of theft by your employer, contact Austin criminal defense attorney Ian Inglis to discuss your options today.